Welcome to The Family Business Consulting Center


If family tensions are affecting your business, or business tensions are affecting your family, you've come to the right place.


We are business relationship experts to:

Family members in business together and

Professionals in closely-held businesses


The Lovins Group is a leader in working simultaneously with family systems and business dynamics that often create tensions in:

  • family business management 
  • family business ownership 
  • family/non-family employee relationships
  • succession planning
  • transfers of management and/or ownership

Our Succession Experts work in partnership with you to minimize threats to the survival of your business and the unity of your family from one generation to the next.

Our approach to succession planning is comprehensive and systemic.  We offer you an objective, non-judging perspective of your business while working with all of the key players.

Our proven processes help you:

Two-thirds of family businesses fail when they transition from the founding generation to the next.

Only 13% survive the next changeover.

Lovins Consultants understand the unique dynamic of working with family businesses and what it means to be a family member to co-workers, bosses, and subordinates.

Our years of experience have equipped us with the insight and tools to resolve  the issues that can impede both the business and the family.

" Alan has shown us positive strategies to increase our business and techniques to effectively communicate amongst ourselves and with our employees. Under his guidance I have learned to look objectively at subjective familial dynamics and accent the positive points.

Thanks to Alan our business is more profitable and I am more resilient, even-tempered and focused. I strongly recommend Alan to any business owner looking for ways to make the quality of their business lives better."

Jerry Kaizer, President & CEO,
Murray Kaizer, Inc.