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Guiding families with generational wealth to create value in every aspect of their lives

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Family-First Family Business Consulting


We are relationship experts for families in business together. We specialize in helping families flourish within the special condition of generational wealth. We help family businesses remain resilient and sustainable while supporting the health of the families involved. Our staff of advisors and our network of professional associates offer access to essential multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise to enhance family well-being and ensure remarkable results.

What We Do

We connect families to their shared purpose, so that they can work collaboratively and productively together.

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Where We Begin

Our clients often begin by telling us what they are having trouble talking about in their family…

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We’re Here for the Rising Generation

Working at the intersection of business and family

The Lovins Group was founded in 1992 by Dr. Alan H. Lovins on the belief that success in work and family is largely contingent on the quality of people’s relationships. Building on that principle, the Lovins Group is now an industry leader in helping wealthy families and family business owners build new relational competencies and move through critical transitions. By seeking to understand each family, their dreams for the future and their unique capabilities, we help our clients realize results that benefit all generations.

Developing personal and professional capital in families

Welcome! We invite you to explore with us how great enterprising families are learning to grow their human capital to enrich family bonds and meet business goals.

We understand that significant financial success leading to legacy wealth can create challenges for multi-generational families. Our practice is committed to harnessing the power of the family enterprise to meet those challenges, and provide opportunities for our clients to develop more trusting, honest, and open relationships.

Working together in a high-stakes atmosphere can create intense conflict in families. We believe, however, that family businesses offer extraordinary opportunities to develop the skills required to live a prosperous, meaningful, and fulfilling life in our diverse and rapidly changing society.

We encourage you to join us in our vision of developing legacy intelligence.

Your Family Is As Important As Your Bottom Line

Our expertise is broad, and our focus is razor-sharp and client-centered

We are committed to the core mission of The Lovins Group… to help successful families build both satisfying relationships and resilient businesses.

Don Opatrny

“Family enterprise is without question one of the most powerful growth engines for economic activity and innovation. It also can be one of the most powerful personal growth engines on the planet.”

Keith Michaelson

“To achieve their goals, families
need to find a way to engage
each other and bring people together
around a shared purpose.”

William Cranshaw

“Professional trustees are all about asset management. We understand the impact of problems and issues upon families. It’s so important to make families healthier first, then solve problems that lead to better business outcomes.”

Alan Lovins

“After working with the Lovins Group, our clients’ lives change outside of their businesses, too. They learn they don’t have to keep all of their thoughts to themselves. They learn to speak honestly with the people they care about.”

Ameila Renkert-Thomas

“The Lovins Group is a collaborative team to work with. They’re deeply knowledgeable and very skilled at what they do. They come in, size up the situation quickly and immediately add value. They improve the governance we create.”

We’re here to help you chart the right path for your business and family.

The journey begins with a brief look into your unique situation so that we may determine what will best suit your needs.

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