Our clients recognize that capital isn’t only financial … it’s human too.


At the Lovins Group, our focus has always been to help those leaders who want to build and maintain successful legacy businesses while also creating healthier family relationships. We specialize in helping families understand and thrive in the special conditions that are created by generational wealth. While no two clients are alike, our years of experience have equipped us with the insights and tools to help our clients to flourish within their unique situations.

Our work can begin directly with the family members, with their technical advisors, or with their family office professionals.

Members of Multi-Generational Family Businesses
We serve high net-worth individuals and family groups who control substantial financial assets and/or operate significant businesses. Our extensive experience with clients of all size and our understanding of the complexities facing affluent families make us the right partner for families seeking a discreet and professional team.

Families can get “stuck” when figuring out the technicalities of governance design, family law and succession planning for reasons that are unclear to their advisers. We’ve formed close partnerships with our network of industry collaborators who bring us in when families need help working through personal or relationship issues that are blocking progress on specific technical tasks.

We are a trusted resource for investment advisors, legal advisors, strategic planners, and other wealth management professionals. We can provide services to work through specific family challenges or for generational transitions that require longer-term guidance.

  • “In my experience, I have found that it is easy to get advice on how to run our business, it is much harder to find knowledgeable advice on how to manage the complex interpersonal relationships between family members in a business environment. Because Don Opatrny has personal experience in family business and a background in family therapy, he focuses first on what serves family relationships then works to help build policies, processes, and new skills that have helped our family move forward productively in both our family and our business.

    Don and his colleagues at the Lovins Group are also helping us prepare our children to be productive stewards and potential shareholders of our family business no matter what career path they chose for themselves. Don is a respected colleague, a good friend, and a confidant.”

    —Chris Traylor
    Traylor Bros., Inc.

Because your family is as important to you as your bottom line.

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