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  • Work in partnership with clients to minimize threats to the survival of your business and the unity of your family from one generation to the next
  • Bring families around a shared purpose; find untapped capacity that individuals can contribute much more than they thought possible
  • Help families work collaboratively and productively together
  • Help our clients talk about difficult things to break through and get “unstuck”
  • Helping families feel connected.
  • Connect with people where they struggle in a non-judgmental way; give a forum where people can talk and be understood
  • Help people access their personal and business potential
  • Provide a way of helping people talk with one another about difficult things and still stay connected
  • Help people build the capacity to handle their challenges in a new way
  • “reducing habitual reactivity” – shed light on their habits of behavior that stops them from meeting goals
  • Help clients see they have new options – help them interact in a new way
  • Bring new life and energy into relationships
  • Look below the surface
  • Creating conditions to move past roadblocks


Why We Do It

  • Core passion and interest in working with family dynamics
  • Many of our team have personal experience with their own family businesses and family succession issues. That experience helps us better understand the process and solutions.  (We understand what you’re going through.)
  • Family business is one of the greatest engines for personal innovation and economic growth and creative problem-solving . We want to support the people who are building and sustaining family businesses around the world.
  • We have a passion for finding what works in the unique context of each client’s system and for co-discovering the steps clients can take together that bring them closer to their own vision of success.

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