Matt is inspired by the complicated and ingenious ways that humans communicate, with and without words, and by the power of mindfulness practice to bring ease and happiness to any moment, even very challenging ones.

He helps clients articulate and connect to their own truths and receive the truths of others with an open heart. He guides teams and families to collaborate more effectively, and to have as much fun as possible along the way.

Outside of Lovins Group, Matt is an award-winning writer and teacher with decades of experience in theater, television, and podcasts. His writing for children, including programs on Netflix and Spotify by DreamWorks Animation and Moonbug Entertainment, celebrates differences and elevates kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness, and emotional literacy. Matt is visually impaired and his work often centers around characters with disabilities.

For 20 years, he served as managing director of the family business that he co-founded, an award-winning non-profit physical theater ensemble based in New York City. As a playwright, he has won multiple awards including the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Play (twice) and First Prize at the Secondo Theatre Festival (Switzerland). His eleven full-length plays have been performed in New York City, across the country (including at Seattle Children’s Theatre next fall), and on international tours (in collaboration with Teatri Oda of Kosovo). He has taught theater and mindfulness workshops to students from elementary school to university graduate level, earning a Special Commendation from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. As a performer, he has appeared extensively Off-Broadway, on international tours, and on stage at The Moth storytelling events. He is a graduate of Clemson University, was selected as a 2022 RespectAbility Lab fellow, and owes much of who he is to the sea turtles of Costa Rica.

“How we connect with others is a skill that we can improve. We can learn to more clearly express our truths, and to more openly receive and respond to whatever comes our way.”