Paul has spent over thirty years resolving complex issues for couples and families with a mature, steady hand.

He has extensive training and practice in gestalt, marriage and family, and couples psychotherapy. Additionally, he has studied Constellation work in the U.S. and Europe with Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont, its originators and developers. Paul uses this rich and dynamic approach to resolve difficult family issues and unravel subtle multi-generational patterns that impair family dynamics, including symptom bearing, family heroes, inclusion, exclusion, and entanglements.

Paul believes deeply in the generative energy within families. He has studied them, written about them, and focused his life on helping them grow and prosper. His rich, first-hand understanding of family dynamics enables him to help each client navigate their unique road to success. In the family business realm, he has guided successful transitions from founders to subsequent generations of leadership, skillfully navigating misgivings and opening spaces for understanding, resolution, and succession. He helps clients identify and develop practical tools to resolve conflicts that hinder cooperative and creative energies. He believes that successful family business practices are the result of mutually supportive relationships within the business and the family.