Our Approach

Our years of experience have equipped us with the insight to help resolve issues that may be constraining your family and business. Our proven processes will help you define the issues, develop and implement effective plans and realize results that work for each generation.

The right decisions flow from both a creative and disciplined process. Our work is comprehensive and systematic.
  • Exploration

    Our work begins with listening. We create an atmosphere where stakeholders can honestly express their view of the way things are and how they want them to be. We engage families in a combination of carefully designed group exercises, survey questions, individual conversations and group meetings. We help family members articulate a statement of shared purpose that unites them in a common cause that also supports the pursuit of individual dreams — making room for both connection and autonomy.

  • Plan Development

    Mapping a way forward for the family, its individual members, and the business requires a mixture of enjoyable, creative activities and hard work to surface and resolve relationship tensions. We help families Dream about options, Decide on a pathway forward, and Commit to a plan of action. The results include agreements on structures for decision-making and new roles and responsibilities to move confidently towards family and business goals.

  • Guided Implementation

    Once there is commitment to a course of action, we help families bring their vision to life. Creating new financial, legal, organizational and relational policies and procedures in line with family values and shared purpose takes time and persistent effort; and there can be mistakes along the way. Our professional guidance helps families break old habits, learn new skills and focus on priorities during the often-difficult process of translating dreams into new ways of being together.

  • Innovation

    The best-laid plans encounter unanticipated challenges. We help clients identify threats to their vision and move forward effectively. We help families develop the resiliency to keep interactions on track and decisions focused on the big picture. Our clients develop processes that both stand the test of time and have the flexibility to meet changing conditions.

  • Celebration

    Our mission is to empower wealthy families in the ongoing process of creating resilient relationships and joyfully celebrating their successes together. We give our clients the tools to truly flourish across generations so that the Thanksgiving dinner table is a place where they look forward to gathering, year after year.



We work with our clients and collaborators to harness
the power of the family firm. We maintain
the highest level of integrity and we expect
the same from our clients.


Our client relationships demand a range of roles, skills and
experience. We ensure that each client
is served by a specialized team of professionals
dedicated to a family-first approach.


We draw on our extensive experience with family systems
to develop and implement unique and innovative
solutions that work for each generation. Our approach
is both creative and disciplined.


We remind ourselves every day that capital is not just financial
and that meaningful relationships are what bring
satisfaction to life. We help our clients invest
in developing their human capital with an eye to
their own definition of long-term success.

The Lovins Group has the ability to really bring people together and create a safe place to deal with difficult issues. They help families to settle, and move forward to the work that needs to be done in governance.

— Amelia Renkert-Thomas