Our clients often begin by telling us the things they have trouble talking about in their family.

Are you having trouble talking about…

  • How decisions are made in the business and the family?
  • How to make fair compensation decisions?
  • Conflicts between managers and owners?
  • The effects of gifts of inheritance on your marriage and your parenting?
  • Retirement decisions for certain family members?
  • The implications of ownership transfer?
  • Gender bias in the family?
  • Differences in the capabilities of family members?
  • Mental health or addiction concerns?
  • The impact the business is having on your marriage?
  • Differences in values and attitudes about money?
  • Prenuptial agreements for yourself or for your children?
  • Doubts about whether you should be in business with your siblings or cousins?

Please participate in our family business members’ poll. Your answer will remain anonymous.

What do you find difficult (or impossible)
to talk about in your family?