We work with families to maintain healthy relationships and minimize risks as they move through generational transitions.

family-outing-entranceIt’s critical that families in business together are aligned on their vision of success. We guide family members as they articulate answers to questions
such as:

What kind of business-owning family are you?
What kind do you want to be?
Why as a family do you want to stay in business together?

We help families look carefully at their unique strengths and at the risks they face as an ownership group. This exercise culminates in a formulation of shared purpose that works for the family as a whole, for individual family members and for the business.

Once families are in agreement about purpose, we design structures and processes for organization and governance that support confident progress towards their family and business goals.

Finally, we help families create customized financial, legal, organizational and relationship structures that are aligned with the shared purpose and family goals.

Empowering families who
power the world.

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