Polina (Po) Crotty began her career as a Certified Financial Planner™. She spent nearly twenty years in the fiduciary area of the wealth management industry, where she built close relationships with clients and their advisors, supporting a client-centric, holistic approach to managing wealth.

Polina applied a non-prescriptive approach to help clients feel empowered to make decisions that were true to their core, reflective of their values and experiences, and focused on the impact they wanted to have within their communities and the world.

Polina’s passion is helping people discover what is true for them, and how they can maintain and express their authentic stand individually, as a family, and in the context of their culture. She applies this commitment to her coaching practice, guided by her training with Co-Active Professional Coaching Institute. Crediting her clients as being her best teachers, Polina looks for stories to honor and explore with her clients, not for mere symptoms to be fixed.

Polina’s own story involves immigrating to the USA at age 13 from Taganrog, Russia, a city just an hour East of the Ukrainian border. The experiences of straddling two cultures, of having roots in countries that are now at conflict with one another, and of seeing families starting over completely inform Polina’s work with clients around how our ancestral history and trauma and our own experiences shape our beliefs and relationship with money, and how we can recognize where these may be limiting the expression of our fullest potential.

Polina holds a designation of Financial Life Planner® from Money Quotient, a research-based organization that trains financial professionals to help clients develop a more successful and satisfying relationship with money.  She is a member of the Purposeful Planning Institute and Financial Therapy Association and enjoys learning and collaborating with other member professionals in a variety of disciplines.

“The world of money is a complicated world: full of mirages and insidious expectations, fear of ‘not enough’ and fear of ‘too much’. And it is also full of beautiful promises and possibilities that can lead to real change.”

Polina holds a BA in History from Wesleyan University. Other studies include Russian Studies at Rostov-na-Donu State University and advanced estate planning and philanthropy course work at The American College of Financial Services. She lives in Granby, CT, watching her three children grow and blossom, and as often as possible shares a sunrise or a sunset with them.